Online Casino Software Providers

Every interaction you have with an online casino is facilitated in some form by the software. Signing up for an account, accessing the games lobby and playing the games are all actions that are made possible by the software used by the casino site. Thus, the software has a major impact on your overall experience.

Most online casinos outsource their development needs to third party software companies that specialize in designing games and interfaces for the gambling industry. This allows casinos to focus their attention on running the business while software companies manage the technical details. Today, I’ll introduce you to a few of the major players in the software development business. These are the companies you’re most likely to encounter during your gambling journey.

On the subject of software, I’d like to provide a few quick recommendations of casino sites that have particularly strong software. These sites get the top pick because it’s a pleasure to interact with each casino thanks to high-quality software. The games at these sites look great, run well and offer fair odds.

One other thing to keep in mind with choosing a site based on software is compatibility with your system. If you run a Windows-based computer, you won’t run into any issues with compatibility as all casinos are designed to work on PCs. However, it’s a different story for those of you who run Macs, Linux setups or are visiting from mobile devices.

With that in mind, here are a couple links you will find useful if you’re reading these words on anything other than a standard Windows PC:

Casino Software Provider Reviews

The vast majority of online casino sites are powered by software from a small number of providers. The following software companies serve hundreds of real money gambling sites. Just click on any of the links below to learn about each company and see which brands each one serves.

As you’ll come to find with online gambling, there’s a wide range in quality of software. I’ve played at places that were so completely broken that I couldn’t even access a single game. On the other hand, I’ve also played at casino sites with software so impressive that it looked like a latest generation video game.

In addition to graphics, you’ll find a wide variety in total game selection, payout rates, customer support (many software providers provide customer support on behalf of the operator) and a hundred other factors. Every software platform has its own style, and that’s why so many gamblers tend to gravitate to their personal favorites.

So, if you have a software provider that you prefer above all others, just check out the appropriate paged linked-to above. Inside each page you’ll find a list of the best casinos powered by that software company. In some cases, I recommend no casinos because the software provider is either untested or because it is only used by casinos that I have a hard time trusting.

Don’t be surprised if you find a different lineup of games at two different casino websites even when they use the same software provider. Most platforms are customizable and give the operators a variety of options such as game selection, color schemes and so on. Some providers even let operators dictate the rules of specific games such as whether or not the dealer hits on soft 17 in blackjack.

Finally, most software providers are either US-friendly or rest of the world (ROTW) friendly. Gaming laws in the US are strict so most of the largest, publicly traded software providers don’t work with operators that serve the US market. A few providers serve the US market almost exclusively. You’ll find a degree of crossover in some cases, but most casino software developers are either US-friendly or ROTW friendly.