NetEnt (short for Net Entertainment) has really come up in the world in recent years. This software company actually dates back to 1996 but only in the past couple years has it become the dominant force it is today. Out of all the casino software providers out there, this is the one that players ask for by name more than any other.

It surprises no one that NetEnt casino sites are growing in number. Several of the world’s largest gaming brands now run the majority of their games on NetEnt software. added NetEnt games to their selection in 2013 and many other casinos have followed suit since. If you’d like to see their games in action, here are the sites I recommend first:


NetEnt is quite selective in who it works with and as a result, any casino powered by NetEnt is generally considered to be a safe place to play. Some of this is related to the fact that NetEnt submits its own software to testing and analysis by third party gaming security companies. Combine that with the testing requirements placed upon individual casinos in regulated markets and you get two layers of security: NetEnt’s own testing regime and each casino’s mandated testing requirements.

The potential downside for players is that NetEnt does not work with gambling sites that operate in legally questionable markets such as the United States. If you live in a country where the legality of online gambling is still an open question, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to play at any NetEnt casinos.

I’ve had a few chances to play with NetEnt software and it’s easy to see why people like it so much. The software is a pleasure to play on because it is just so polished and well done. NetEnt casino games look like modern video games complete with detailed but fun graphics, a whole range of sound effects and eye popping animations.

Compare NetEnt to other traditional software providers and the difference is staggering. NetEnt makes most other online casinos look badly outdated. Here’s a sample video from one of their video slot games:

YouTube video


NetEnt software currently offers about 140 games with more added every month. The game selection skews heavily towards slots, which is where NetEnt really shines. Their slots collection includes dozens of video slots and progressive jackpot machines with very large prizes. Some NetEnt slots are branded after major entertainment icons such as Scarface, Aliens, South Park and more.

The above video provides a clear example of what you can expect from all of NetEnt’s slot games. Each game is unique with its own theme, symbols and jackpots, but they all share a high level of graphics and overall quality.

The table games at NetEnt include all our favorite casino classics ranging from blackjack to roulette. There are also a couple of unique table games that I haven’t seen anywhere else such as Oasis Poker and TXS Hold’em Pro Series.

In addition to these games, NetEnt has a small collection of video slots, keno games and virtual scratch cards. These other games are all just as well done as everything else the software provides. All in all, the games list at NetEnt is looking very solid. The only thing we need to see next is a bigger all-around game variety.

NetEnt for Operators

The NetEnt business model is all about working with operators and making their casinos attractive to customers. NetEnt provides the entire software platform plus business services that help operators manage players, collect statistics, market to customers and deal with technical challenges.

Operators can also tap into NetEnt’s knowledge of regulated markets for help in entering new markets. The NetEnt team can help an operator acquire the necessary licenses, adhere to regulatory requirements and understand each market from a marketing perspective. The overreaching goal of NetEnt is to help gaming site operators do everything they need to be successful.