BetConstruct Casino Software

BetConstruct has been in business since 2003 but has recently begun making waves as an up-and-coming software developer under the leadership of a new CEO. In recent years, they have come out with some very interesting innovations that show a company with great potential. We’ll cover some of their latest work in a bit, but let’s begin with the basics.

The BetConstruct platform is designed to be implemented by gambling websites to provide a wide range of gaming activities including casino games, live dealer games, online poker, fantasy sports, fixed-odds sports betting, pool betting, financial betting, social games and more. Additionally, a separate Gaming Management System (GMS) can be used to provide backend functionality such as payment processing and reporting.

To date, BetConstruct has not developed an extensive number of games in-house. The vast majority of the games provided by BetConstruct software are provided by third party software studios such as NetEnt, Microgaming, iSoftbet and more. Casinos on the BetConstruct network are thus granted access to a total gaming library of more than 3,000 titles, with the ability to pick and choose any number of games.

Up until recently, BetConstruct has not received much attention as a casino game developer. They are starting to come into their own with ambitious ideas under new leadership and their innovations have not gone unnoticed by others in the industry. In 2017, BetConstruct was recognized as the iGaming Software Supplier of the Year at the International Gaming Awards.

Although the current lineup of BetConstruct slots are somewhat simple in nature, these recent innovations display a tendency to think outside the box. This could pay major dividends in the future if their current ambitions pan out.

SlotsBuilder by BetConstruct

SlotsBuilder by BetConstruct is especially promising as a future source of great slots games. Basically, SlotsBuilder allows anyone to use a simple online editor to design custom slots games. You can select the number of reels, craft a storyline, upload your own graphics, customize the interface, create custom bonus rounds from templates and then allow the engine to handle all the math and engineering that turns your artistic product into a functional, mathematically correct slot machine.

That’s not all. Here’s where it gets interesting: SlotsBuilder submits user-created games to the BetConstruct team. Once your slot is verified and accepted, BetConstruct will begin promoting it to all its partner casinos and allowing them to integrate your creation into their software platforms.

The best part of it all is authors earn a percentage of the revenue generated by their slot machines across all the casinos on which it appears. Imagine building a popular slots games and earning a piece of the action for life.

The SlotsBuilder is just the most obvious example of how BetConstruct is doing things differently than most others in the industry. Their existing casino games may be a little underwhelming, but BetConstruct strikes us as a company that could be going places. This is a software developer worth watching.

Live Dealer Games by Bet Construct

One other area in which BetConstruct has made strides is in its offering of live dealer casino games. BetConstruct runs its own studio with real dealers and gaming equipment and provides HD video live to players. Video quality is high and a constant stream of promotions are developed in-house and then delivered via online casinos that run on the BetConstruct platform.

Live dealer games offered by the BetConstruct platform include baccarat, bet on numbers, bet on poker, blackjack, keno, roulette and Russian poker. Some of these games cannot be found anywhere else in the live dealer format. BetConstruct software can also be used to provide live dealer games from other providers including Evolution Gaming, Ezugi and Asia Gaming.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Casinos

BetConstruct is betting on the future of virtual reality technology with the release of its own VR casino software. This offering is not just a 3D casino; it uses actual VR technology to allow players to immerse themselves into a casino with the freedom to look up, down and all around using VR goggles.

Players can don VR goggles and enter a virtual casino modeled after a real world casino complete with standalone slot machines, a sportsbook and poker tables. Players may also interact with other real players while inside the casino, interact with objects (such as playing cards) and move about freely. For example, you might enter the casino and head over to the sportsbook to place a bet and then make your way to the blackjack table to pass the time while your bet plays out in the real world.

The BetConstruct VR casino is still a relatively new development and as such has not yet taken off. However, if and when VR becomes more mainstream, BetConstruct will be ready to capitalize.