Big Time Gaming Casino Software

Big Time Gaming specializes in producing high-quality interactive slots that go well beyond the norm in terms of graphics and level of immersion. This is one of the smaller software developers in online gambling, but the games they do release always end up being very high-quality offerings in which a significant amount of time was invested.

It would be fair to call Big Time Gaming a boutique developing firm. They do not have a huge staff that grinds out mediocre game after mediocre game. These people clearly take their time and do things right even if it means releasing games at a slower rate than most of the competition. To put it simply, Big Time Gaming is a “quality over quantity” developer.

The leadership team at Big Time Gaming appears to be the driving force behind their quality over quantity philosophy. Current CEO Nik Robinson has been involved in gaming since the mid-90s. He founded New Tech Media which was bought out by another company and then merged with yet another to eventually become OpenBet, which itself is one of the largest gaming platforms in the world today.

Although Big Time Gaming is a smaller online casino software provider, it still boasts a who’s who of major gaming sites today. Just a few of their nearly three dozen clients include the likes of William Hill, Ladbrokes, Amaya, Betfair and Paddy Power. Big Time Gaming also works with other noteworthy software providers such as OpenBet, Quickfire and Leander Games.

Games Produced by Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming has increased its production schedule recently and is now averaging about one new game per month. The full list of games will most likely have expanded by the time you read this page, so we’ll provide a few brief overviews of specific games in order to give you a general sense of Big Time Gaming’s style.

Most casino games released by Big Time Gaming are video slots, but they do also release the occasional table game. Their slots come in two primary flavours. First, they have standard video slots that should be recognizable to anyone who has played a slot before. However, these slots come with a twist called “Megaways” that creates tons of potential winning combinations.

For example, the first thing you’ll notice when you try Big Time’s Starquest slot for the first time is that this one has a ton of symbols on board. There are 42 symbols on the board at any one time in a 6×7 grid. This means you have tons of potential paylines and a grand total of more than 100,000 ways to win a payout with any single spin.

Special features abound in Starquest as well. Wild symbols randomly appear and fill up an entire column (occupying the equivalent of 7 symbols) which in effect gives you an entire column’s worth of wild symbols. Even better, these wild symbols come stocked with multipliers that can give you anywhere from 1x to 7x additional winnings.

Wild scatter diamonds can also appear to trigger free spins and sometimes re-trigger even more free spins resulting in huge payouts. In practice, Starquest tends to deliver frequent, smaller prizes offset by rare but gigantic payouts when wilds and scatters show up and begin triggering free spin after free spin combined with multipliers.

Here’s a video of Starquest in action:

The other category of slots produced by Big Time Gaming consists of reactor games. Reactor slots are so-named because winning combinations “react” by blowing up those symbols, which in turn allows additional symbols to drop from the top of the screen. Reactive wins can trigger additional reactive wins, and each time the multiplier grows. Once you get going on a hot streak with reactive wins triggering more reactive wins, it creates a chaotic scene of exploding cascading symbols, growing multipliers and bigger wins.

Their gold-rush themed Bonanza Megaways slot serves as a prime example of reactive slots at their best. In Bonanza Megaways, you play the part of an old-fashioned gold miner digging for gold above ground at first and then venturing deeper into the mines looking for the super payouts. Like other Big Time Gaming slots, this one offers more than 100,000 ways to win but also adds cascading symbols to take your winnings to a whole new level.

Here’s what Bonanza Megaways looks like in action:

in addition to slots, Big Time Gaming also has a small collection of table games consisting of blackjack and several several roulette game variations. These table games look decent and run well, but don’t really stand out in any way over similar games released by other software providers. Big Time Gaming is most definitely a slots manufacturer first and a table games developer second.