Booming Games Casino Software

Booming Games is a small software studio that specializes in producing video slots and scratch cards entirely in-house. This includes programming, figuring the math, coming up with unique themes and, of course, graphic design. Booming Games slots look nice and run smoothly, but they are difficult to find as this provider is still in its growing stages and has yet to appear on any major European casino sites.

Most Booming Games casinos are either specialty bitcoin gambling sites or are traditional online casinos focused on the Asian market. None of our recommended sites offer Booming Games slots, so we cannot comment on the quality of any of the sites that do offer their games.

If you’re interested in trying them for yourself, you can find their games at Unique Casino, and We have not reviewed any of these casino sites and therefore offer no opinion either way regarding their safety. They seem to have mostly positive reviews online, but we are not ready to endorse any of these sites.

Booming Games Slots

The Booming Games lineup consists mostly of video slots that require no download and are fully compatible with modern smartphones as well as desktops. My impression of Booming Games slots is so far mostly positive thanks to these games offering unique and fun themes and high quality graphics.

I’ve read a couple of Booming Games reviews published on other websites calling these games average and even dated from a graphics standpoint. I’m not sure if those reviews were published when Booming Games was a younger company or if I’m just the odd one out, but I personally think their games look great and are very engaging.

Booming Games does a good job at avoiding relying too much on cliché slots themes and instead goes for themes that are sometimes so random you can’t help but be amused. For example, Sweet Robots is a five-reel slot with a sort of dieselpunk theme featuring retro robots, gears and light bulbs as symbols. Gangster Gamblers with its film noir theme depicting organized crime in Tokyo serves as another example of this studio’s creativity.

One other thing I’ve noticed at multiple Booming Games slots is great use of music and sound effects. Their games come with simple but catchy tunes and the sound effects deliver a sense of satisfaction whenever you spin the reels and the reels lock into place. It’s difficult to explain in words, but something about the sound effects makes it so satisfying to spin the reels.

Most Booming Games slots include an integrated “gamble” feature that you can activate any time you have a winning spin. If you choose to gamble your winnings, you’ll be taken to a mini bonus game in which you have a 50/50 chance to go double-or-nothing on your last win. You can continue doubling up indefinitely, but be careful because just one loss will set you back to zero.

If there are any criticisms to be made of their slots, it’s that special features seem to lacking. The majority of their slots are pretty simple with a smattering of basic features such as wild symbols, free spins rounds, expanding symbols and double-or-nothing features.

However, some of their later games seem to be bucking that trend. Galactic Speedway and rEvolution for example, both have a special “rotator” feature in which the entire board comes unglued from the background and rotates 90 degrees to give players additional chances to win prizes through the paylines that remain fixed in place.

Booming Games has considerable potential as a slots software studio, but now it’s a matter of seeing their slots make it to more well-known casino sites. Currently, it is difficult to find places to play Booming Games slots online unless you’re comfortable gambling with bitcoin.

Slots Video Previews

Booming Games maintains an active YouTube channel which provides us with plenty of opportunities to see their games in action. Below is a selection of some their games that I found most interesting.


Cherry Bomb Deluxe

Sushi Cuties

Reel Fear