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betgames tv is not your typical live dealer supplier streaming the same old blackjack games from a stale studio; what this company provides is more like a combination of live lottery drawings with casino games to create an experience that is unique among live dealer games. Beautiful dealers host new games every few minutes 24 hours a day and stream live, HD video to your desktop or mobile from a high quality studio.

Live games offered by are designed for simplicity and ease-of-understanding even for players not familiar with traditional casino games. The games lineup consists of a simple dice betting game, two card-based games, a “wheel of fortune” game and a keno-style game. If you know your traditional casino games, you may notice these games are simplified versions of those.

For example, the Wheel of Fortune game is basically simplified baccarat while the dice game is simplified craps. All games are presented in real-time with bets being taken online through the partners of They currently work with online casinos, land-based betting shops and other entertainment venues. was founded in Lithuania in 2012 and spent its first few years of life growing across the Eastern European region. Now, employs 100+ people and is slowly expanding westward to new gaming markets. They acquired a license from the UK Gambling Commission in 2016 and that means you should start seeing their games on large, UK-focused betting sites soon. has also teamed up with the EveryMatrix platform which will aid in distributing the games to a larger array of gambling sites.

Games offered by

Currently, there are seven games to choose from and says there are plans to add more moving forward. Each of these games is simple enough that you should get the basic idea within minutes. One of BetGames’ stated goals is to keep its games simple in order to appeal to a wide market beyond just seasoned gamblers.

Lucky 5

Lucky 5 is a lottery-style game in which five balls out of 36 total balls are randomly ejected from a spinning cylinder every few minutes. Balls come in four different colours and are numbered from one through 36.

Prior to each round, you have the opportunity to select from a long list of bets related to the results of the drawing. You can place simple bets such as predicting exactly one number to be drawn, whether the sum of all balls will be even or odd, how many green/blue/white/red balls will be dropped and much more. Payouts can be as low as even money or as high as 1,000:1 for betting that all five balls will be one specific colour.

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 runs on the same basic premise as Lucky 5 except this one draws 7 balls from a total of 42. Balls are numbered 1 through 42 with half of them being yellow and half black. Prior to each drawing, you have a long list of betting options such as betting on the number of yellow or black balls and more. Payouts in Lucky 7 can go as high as 2,000:1.


Dice is run similar to craps except this game is much simpler and way less intimidating for newbies. In each round of Dice, the dealer rolls five normal die onto the table with the results streamed live on video.

Prior to each roll of the dice, you’re able to place a variety of bets on the outcome of the roll. Many betting options are made available, but each is explained clearly so you shouldn’t have any trouble understanding what you’re betting on.

Just a few examples of the types of bets you can place in Dice are that at least one pair will be rolled, that one die will land on a specific number of your choice, that the total sum of the roll will be more than/less than a number of your choice and so on. The highest-paying wager in Dice is predicting all five dice will land on the same number for a 500:1 payout.

Bet on Poker

Bet on Poker is based on the rules of Texas Holdem except instead of playing against other people, your goal is to predict the outcome of the hand. In each round of Bet on Poker, the dealer deals six starting hands as if there were six players and then deals a flop, turn and river just as in normal poker.

You have several opportunities to place bets as each round progresses and more information is revealed. Betting rounds are held after the starting hands have been dealt, after the flop is dealt and after the turn card is dealt.

Your options for betting include choosing which “player” will win (i.e. “pick hand 1 to win”) and choosing winning combinations such as a pair, two pair, three of a kind, etc. The odds of each hand winning are updated between each round of betting as more information is revealed and it becomes clearer which hands are starting to pan out and which hands still need a lot of help.

Bet on Baccarat

This is one game that is nearly the same as the original version of baccarat offered in casinos. In this game, the dealer deals two cards to the “player” and two cards to the “banker.” You do not actually occupy either of those positions; you simply act as a third party observer betting on which of those two positions will win the hand. Alternatively, you can bet on the tie outcome for a larger payout.

Where this game differs from traditional baccarat is this one offers many additional side bets beyond simply choosing player, banker or tie. Side bets are taken on all manner of possible outcomes such as the dealer or player receiving a pair, how many cards of each colour will be dealt, what the points total will be and even the suit of the next card dealt.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune will be instantly familiar to anyone with roulette experience. This is not an exact replica of roulette, but the concept is similar. In this game, the hostess spins a large, game show-style wheel which slows to a stop with the clapper pointing to one of 19 sectors.

Sectors on the wheel are numbered 1 through 18 plus one reserved for the cup-and-star symbol. Each numbered sector is also coloured red, black or grey.

Bets are accepted prior to each spin of the wheel and the options for betting are many. You can select any one number for an 18:1 payout, groups of numbers for smaller payouts, the colour of the sector in which the clapper comes to rest and more. Each bet is clearly labeled so you always know what you’re betting on and how much you stand to win.

War of Bets

This game is played nearly exactly the same as Casino War with just a few minor tweaks. In War of Bets, the dealer deals one card to the “player” position and one card to the “dealer” position and the highest card wins. If the cards are tied, the “War” outcome is said to be the winner while both the “player” and “dealer” are considered the losers.

Bets are placed prior to each round and the main options are to pick the player, dealer or tie outcome winning. Other betting options include involve multiple ways to bet on the colour of each card, suit of each card and the value of each card.

War of Bets also allows bets to be placed halfway through the round after the dealer deals the first card but before dealing the second. Once the first card is known, the odds for each type of bet change a bit to reflect the likelihood of each outcome. For example, if the player is dealt a king, the odds on the dealer winning shoot up drastically as that would require an ace.