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Casino Laws and Legal Use of OnlineCasinoSites.Com

Casino gambling has several legalities that range from country to country.  In addition, the laws surrounding online gaming changes very frequently, so it is up to you, the player, to remain on top of any changes in the laws that may affect your play.  The owners of OnlineCasinoSites.Com cannot be held responsible for changes in the laws that may not yet be reflected on the Web site.  The information provided here is for informational purposes only. Although we make every attempt to keep information up-to-date, the nature of the gaming industry is volatile and can change at any time.  In addition, OnlineCasinoSites.Com is not a casino and does not accept any form of payment for the purpose of online gaming.

Update October 31, 2015:

We wish to make it clear that in compliance with US law, we do not link to, market for, promote, or accept new advertisements and player sign ups at any “illegal online gambling site” that serves US customers, intentionally or unintentionally.

Accuracy of Information on OnlineCasinoSites.Com

We make updates to our Web site on a regular basis. However, we cannot be held responsible for information that is out-of-date.  There are many laws that govern online casinos in the world and we do not make any claim to be presenting all the laws accurately.  Laws change on a moment’s notice and we update the information on this Web site to reflect any changes at our earliest opportunity.  We advise all online gamers to research the laws that govern their play and understand that bonuses and promotions change on a regular basis. With that said, all information should ultimately be confirmed with the source.  OnlineCasinoSites.Com owners cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information found on this site or other related sites owned by this site’s owner.

Contacting Site Owners of OnlineCasinoSites.Com

We created OnlineCasinoSites.Com to provide information on the many options available to play online.  If you have any questions regarding funding a casino account, then it should be directed to the customer service of the respective site.  We are unable to provide any information on specifics involving funding for any specific casino because we are not affiliated with any of the casinos we feature on our Web site.

Information on Funding Casino Accounts

Playing at an online casino can result in a loss of monies.  Please evaluate your ability to risk the funds you are playing with as well as the laws that govern your play, because OnlineCasinoSites.Com cannot be held responsible for any losses resulting from your play or legal issues arising from your gaming.  If there is a situation where the government of any municipality or other governing body seizes funds from an online casino, then you are advised to seek legal help to retrieve any funds within your legal rights.

Play responsibly.