CGTV Games Online Casino Sites

CGTV is a Canadian casino software provider that has been offering its services to the industry since 1998. CGTV offers complete software platforms and individual solutions for operators who need assistance with any aspect of online gambling. Most casinos powered by CGTV look quite similar as the white label solution is the most popular product offered by the company.

In 2007, CGTV acquired the Gambling Federation (a.k.a. G-Fed). Some players may still be familiar with G-Fed but it’s not a very popular software solution at this time. A little research on Google will show you that players are generally very wary of playing at any site powered by CGTV/G-Fed software. There have been long running reports of poor customer service, refused withdrawals and malware-infected software associated with this brand.

Better Alternatives

It would be much better to go with one of the above casino sites instead of anything offered by CGTV. The gambling sites on this page are reputable, up-to-date and will give you a much better all-around experience.

Things don’t seem to be going very well over at CGTV these days. The last news post on the official website is dated 2008 and I noticed numerous broken links. It appears some casinos still use the CGTV software, but none of these are very well-known and would probably best be avoided.

What CGTV Does

Generally, the CGTV business model revolves around helping operators get their casino sites running and functioning well. Casino operators in need of help with any aspect of online gambling can get in touch with CGTV Games for assistance in software, management, payment processing, branding, marketing, customer support and more.

E-Gaming Products and Software

CGTV is able to work with individual operators and create custom solutions for whatever they need. As the CGTV website puts it, you tell them where your casino is today and where you want it to be tomorrow. CGTV will help you get there.

White Label Solutions

Let’s say you’re interested in starting your own casino site but have no idea where to even begin. Or perhaps you don’t have the time and expertise to develop a casino from the ground up. This is where you would look into a white label solution by CGTV Games.

A white label package will give you a fully functional casino complete with the appropriate licensing, software, management help, payment processing, customer support and an affiliate marketing system. You can get to work marketing your casino while CGTV takes care of all the details.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the primary methods by which casino sites attract new players. The typical gambling affiliate program allows webmasters to refer players to the casino in return for a percentage of the net profit generated by players. This is a popular marketing tool because casinos only pay when affiliates successfully refer real money customers.

CGTV has a plug-in affiliate marketing program that offers operators an instant referral program. They also have a team of affiliate managers who are on-call to help operators and offer customer support for affiliates. Once again, the goal is to let operators focus on growing the brand while CGTV handles the details in the background.