Genesis Gaming Casino Sites

Genesis Gaming is a relatively young slots provider having been established in 2008. Still, that’s about ten years of experience already and they have made the most of it with a collection of more than 200 individual slots games. One of the defining characteristics of Genesis Gaming is they are endlessly creative and aren’t afraid to try crazy new ideas (as you’ll see below).

Online casinos have taken a liking to Genesis Gaming as well with many of the biggest names in gaming integrating Genesis slots into their offerings. It also helps that Genesis Gaming has been on top of developments in mobile tech to make all their games instantly available on desktops, smartphones and tablets with practically zero performance loss.

Genesis Gaming has also made inroads into various markets by tailoring its gaming platform to the needs of individual operators according to geography. They have an entire catalog of Asian-themed games, for example, and provide all games in more than 20 languages with translations throughout the entire gameplay experience. Casino sites can also hire Genesis Gaming to develop completely custom, exclusive games to their specifications.

Genesis Gaming Style and Best Slots

As far as Genesis Gaming’s style goes, they have a little bit of everything. Their lineup runs the gamut from traditionally-themed slots based on Vikings and such to games themed after subjects so mundane that it’s actually funny. Take “Today’s Weather” for example, which looks like a weather forecast turned into a slot machine yet somehow manages to still be fun in its own weird way.

Their most hilariously awesome slot, “Machine-Gun Unicorn” manages to squeeze humor, horror and fun all into one slot game. In Machine-Gun Unicorn, zombies have invaded Ponyland and now it’s up to the Machine-Gun Unicorn to save the land.

As the hero, you’ll be fending off zombies with bloody baseball bats one minute and rainbow-sparkle blasts the next. And when you get the Machine-Gun Unicorn symbol, it blows the zombies back and gives you the opportunity to win as much as 200x your bet. As you can see from the following trailer, Genesis Gaming doesn’t always take itself too seriously – which is nice to see in online gambling.

Identifying the best slots developed by Genesis Gaming is quite a chore because they have so many different types of slots with unique themes and all are high quality productions. We’ve got the horror/humour genre covered, so let’s move on to something a little more traditional as far as slots are concerned.

In keeping with the unwritten rule that every slots developer must release at least one ancient Egyptian-themed game, Genesis Gaming offers “Sahara Queen.” This one forgoes the silly humour and gets straight to the good stuff: fast paced, entertaining, Egyptian-style slots gambling.

This one is better than most of the ancient Egypt slots that I’ve played elsewhere with the music and sound effects really standing out in a big way. Sound effects and music are typically things I tune out when playing games, but the sounds in this game are just so spot-on.

One other slot that made an impression on me was the relaxing, Asian-themed “Fortune Turtle” slot that’s all about good vibes and even better luck. This one comes complete with muted colours, soothing music and an insect chorus playing in the background to bring the mind back to late-season summer evenings.

Wild Space by Genesis takes things in a completely different direction by placing you uncomfortably close to a whirling black hole that’s sucking in everything from comets to entire galaxies. The reels in this one radiate out from the black hole in the middle of the screen and every time you spin the reels, everything nearby gets sucked down into the black hole to be replaced with new symbols that spiral in from the sides. One reason I mentioned this game is it’s a perfect example of how Genesis Gaming is able to think outside the box to try new ideas.

Genesis Gaming Slots Videos

I could go on and on, so I’ll just close things out with a few videos that hopefully offer a nice cross-section of all the different types of slots Genesis Gaming has on offer. Remember, this company has already released more than 200 games, so these videos represent just a fraction of the full library.

Jason’s Quest

Today’s Weather

Leprechaun Tales

The Escape Artist