Asia Gaming Casino Software Overview

Asia Gaming was established in 2012 and has established a firm foothold in the Asian online gambling market. They are best known for their live dealer games which cater to Asian players in game selection, languages spoken and gaming customs. The Asia Gaming software platform also offers online slots and digital table games to offer a full package for operators.

Online casinos looking to make inroads into the growing Asian market can turn to Asia Gaming for the games, the native-language dealers and the specialized know-how required to succeed in the market. Asia Gaming offers licensing and compliance consulting as well for operators expanding into the Asian market. This includes assistance in applying for the all-important First Cagayan license in the Philippines.

In all, the company offers all the basics needed for an online casino entering the Asian gambling market. They have the live dealer games, digital games and licensing services ready to go in one package. Now, let’s discuss what they offer to players.

Asia Gaming Live Dealer Games

Asia Gaming’s main claim to fame is its collection of live dealer games and the company’s know-how in catering to Asian clientele. But, they stand out for more than just speaking the right languages and understanding the cultural customs. The actual product is extremely high quality – on part with the best European live dealer casino sites. Their games also come with some innovative features that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

The studio from which Asia Gaming broadcasts its live dealers has high production quality. It actually looks like a real casino complete with marble walls, subdued lighting and dizzying carpets on the floor. Asia Gaming also makes it a point to hire attractive dealers. It may not be completely politically correct by European standards, but the Asia gaming website repeatedly refers to their employees as their “beauty dealers.” There’s no hiding it either; these are some good looking dealers.

The full list of live dealer games offered here includes classic baccarat, insurance baccarat and multiplay baccarat in addition to dragon tiger, roulette, sic bo, Bull Bull and ultimate Texas holdem. All live dealer games are also mobile-friendly.

And if you ever happen to be in the Philippines, Asia Gaming will happily give you a tour of their premises so you can see for yourself that everything is legitimate, transparent and fair.

Asia Gaming Baccarat

It will surprise no one familiar with the Asian gambling market that baccarat maintains a significant presence among Asia Gaming’s offerings. Baccarat is offered in multiple formats including:

  • Classic baccarat: Plays according to normal rules
  • Insurance baccarat: Allows the player to place an additional “insurance” bet to protect stronger hands during a round of play
  • Dragon Bonus baccarat: Normal baccarat but with an optional side bet that pays if your hand is a natural winner or wins by 4+ points
  • BID Baccarat: Played with normal rules but the players get a chance to bid for the right to squeeze the cards
  • Multiplay Baccarat: Play multiple games at the same time through a single, intuitive interface
  • VIP Baccarat: Become a VIP for extra privileges such as controlling the pace of the game, squeezing the cards, changing the dealer whenever you want, shuffling the deck and even telling the dealer how deep to cut the deck

Going beyond these many variations, live baccarat at Asia Gaming is chock-full of features in general. Players have the ability to squeeze the cards with the help of special blinders and strategically-placed cameras, use a digital interface to tell the dealer where to cut the deck and more.

Here’s what their baccarat games look like in action:

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a table card game not often seen by English-speaking gamblers. It may have an exotic name, but it is a very simple game that resembles Casino War more than anything else. In live dealer Dragon Tiger, the dealer deals one card to the “dragon” and one card to the “tiger” and the highest card wins. That’s about all there is to it.

However, you do have a few options as a player. You can bet on the dragon or tiger position to win and receive an even money payout if you guess correctly. You can also bet on a tie for an 8:1 payout.

In some Dragon Tiger games, you can also bet on a suited tie (dragon and tiger tie with cards of the same suit) for a 50:1 payout, bet on the suit of either card and bet on whether either card will be high or low. However, I believe Asia Gaming does not yet offer these last few types of bets.

Asia Gaming is the only software provider that offers live dealer Dragon Tiger as far as I know.


The live roulette game at Asia Gaming is European-style with one zero and standard payout odds. This game also accepts a few of the “French bets” that are not typically offered online such as neighbors of zero and tiers du cylindre.

Sic Bo

Live dealer sic bo at Asia gaming offers all the traditional bets with a real dealer who pops the dice inside their container. Multiple camera angles and special lighting are used to provide a clear view of the dice every time.

Bull Bull

This game remains a mystery to me and there is no information online. The Asia Gaming website offers a brief overview here, but even their explanation is difficult to understand due to the language barrier. From what I’ve gathered from the website, Bull Bull is based on a traditional card game popular in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan and Jiangsu-Zhejiang.

Other Casino Games

The Asia Gaming platform also offers a large selection of “regular” casino games that do not actually use human dealers. They have an in-house development team that has released a few of its own games and also contract with third party software companies to offer a broad portfolio of games.

Other providers that contribute games to the Asia Gaming platform include TopTrendGaming, Xin Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, Habanero, Play’n Go, Endorphina, Booming Games, Genesis Gaming and Multislot.