This entire section of is dedicated to organizing and recommending casino websites by location. Here you’ll find the information you need to find a safe online casino for people in your part of the world. The goal is to help you find gambling sites that cater to the language, culture, currency and banking system in your nation.

Best International Casino Sites


There’s more to choosing online casino than looking at its welcome bonus and game selection. Those are important factors of course, but what’s even more important is whether or not that casino accepts customers from your country. Gambling laws are complex and every country on the planet takes a different approach to legislation.

The laws are very lax in some areas and very strict in others. What’s legal in one country may be illegal in its next door neighbor. Some countries have laws that aren’t enforced. Others enforce laws that don’t even exist. It’s crazy but that’s the world of online gambling.

This is why it’s best to play at a site that specializes in your region. It’s more than just dealing with the law; it’s also catering to what people in your nation tend to expect from a gaming site. The wants and needs of Europeans are completely different than those of people in most Asian countries. A site that understands the market is able to provide you with a better, more fulfilling experience.

As I mentioned above, some sites do come pretty close to appealing to everyone regardless of location. Large, international brands have the resources and personnel they need to make their services available in a wide variety of countries. Each of the casino sites on this page has a presence in at least a dozen countries.

You can consider these sites international in nature because they work well for users in many parts of the world. Their software and customer support are available in multiple languages, they accept deposits in multiple currencies and work with your country’s banking options to process transactions quickly. They also make minor adjustments on a country-by-country basis such as displaying the odds in whichever format is prevalent in your area.

Some of these sites may even hold licenses in your nation depending on where you live. For example, many casino sites holds multiple licenses in the UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Australia. These licenses should provide additional peace of mind for the security-minded gamblers out there. If something goes wrong, you have a legitimate licensing authority that can mediate disputes between customers and gaming sites.

On that note, you don’t have anything to worry about even if one of our recommended sites doesn’t hold a license in your particular jurisdiction. These are all major sites that operate with flawless reputations for security and safety.

This is why you’ll see the same brands recommended for multiple countries. If a site has a presence in the UK and Canada, and it’s a reputable place to play, it’ll get a spot on both pages. There’s no point in mixing it up for the sake of mixing it up if a site does a good job for people in multiple locations.

That brings me to my last point. You can rest assured that other factors such as security, reputation, game selection and so on still factor into our casino listings. Just because a site accepts customers from a certain country doesn’t automatically qualify it for a spot on our top lists. Sites absolutely must meet certain standards of safety, security and timely withdrawals before they even have a chance of being recommended.

Country by Country Recommendations

Below is a collection of links to pages that recommend gaming sites by country. You can visit any of those pages to read more about why we chose those particular sites. Each page also provides a brief overview of the current legal situation of online gambling. Laws vary from one nation to the next, and it’s a good idea that you have at least a general understanding of how it works where you live.

International Gambling Law

The lack of any comprehensive international legal framework for gambling accounts for the complexity in recommending casino operators by country. Individual nations are free to govern the industry as they see fit. Most countries have certain limits on what may be offered but those limits vary greatly from one nation to the next.

The European Union provides the closest thing we have to any sort of international gambling law. The EU doesn’t specifically target online gambling but certain free trade agreements have a profound effect on gaming legislation. EU courts have ruled on gambling disputes multiple times in the past.

Most of this has to do with free trade agreements. Member nations of the EU agree not to favor domestic companies over companies based out of other member nations. Every once in a while, a country will try to ban all foreign gambling sites in an effort to force players onto state-owned casino sites. This is when an EU court steps in and makes a ruling. Sometimes nations adhere to the rulings, other times they ignore them. Such is life in the cash-rich world of online gambling.

This all creates an incredibly complex legal environment that gives even the most talented attorneys headaches. I do my best to touch on the legal issues that impact internet gambling, but let it be known that I am not an attorney. I’ve done my research and I’m confident in what I know, but it is always best to get qualified legal advice from an actual attorney if you have any questions.