Online Casinos with Table Games: Where and How to Play

Online casino sites have the advantage of software that allows for exciting graphics and gameplay, but sometimes it’s nice to get back to our roots and play the same table games that casinos have been offering in the real world for decades. Today, there’s a whole world of table games at your fingertips thanks to the internet.

The best online casinos make it a point to host all the same table games that you know and love. If you have a thing for these gambling classics, we’ve got a list of the best table game casino sites right here. These are the sites you should consider first to ensure you get a safe and fair experience at the tables.

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I’ve always had a fondness for table games and in my experience, the above websites offer the best possible combination of safety, game variety and payout odds. What I’ve learned over the years is that there are certain things you should look for anywhere that hosts real money table games:

  • Reputation for fair games and fast payouts
  • Generous payout odds for winning hands
  • Deposit bonuses that work with table games
  • Truly random outcomes
  • Crisp graphics that display the cards clearly
  • Software that is responsive to button clicks
  • An overall sense of quality and professionalism

This list of requirements isn’t anything too crazy in my opinion. All I ask is for a site to give me a good all-around experience. Sadly, there are too many operators out there that can’t even provide these most basic guarantees. That’s why it is always important to do a little research to ensure you only play for real money at quality brands.

Most table games involve the use of playing cards but you will sometimes find dice games like craps and other games like roulette. They are all played at tables (obviously) but they come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s a look at some of the most popular of these games.

Blackjack: This all-time classic is the first game many of us think of when we hear the phrase “casino table game.” The object of the game is to get a points total as close to 21 as possible without going over. If you end up with a higher point total than the dealer, you win.

Of all the table games out there, blackjack is the most strategic. This is a rich and complex game that has been the subject of many books, debates and discussions. Play blackjack online if you’re in the mood to put your skills to the ultimate test.

Roulette: Roulette can be classified as either a table game or specialty game depending on where you play. In this luck-based game, you try to predict where a ball will come to land after it is thrown into a spinning wheel. Roulette is known for creating vast swings in fortune thanks to its wide variety of wagers and payouts as high as 35 to 1.

Craps: Craps is all about the dice. In this game, you and the other players take turns throwing a pair of dice down a long felt table. Your goal is to place wagers that correctly predict how the dice will land. Craps is a lot of fun because it creates a sense of camaraderie as the players tend to cheer for the same outcome and encourage one another to beat the dealer.

Baccarat: Baccarat is extremely popular in Asian casinos but can also be found at most major US locations. The basic rules of the game are simple, but its rich history of tradition makes it feel like something very important is taking place every single round. On a more practical note, baccarat is home to some of the lowest house advantage bets in the casino.

Caribbean Stud: In Caribbean Stud, you and the dealer are each dealt five cards. After you look at your cards, you can decide if you wish to stay in and place an additional wager or forfeit the hand and try again next round. This game is easy to play and home to significant jackpots. If you like poker but aren’t in the mood to compete against a bunch of sharks, Caribbean Stud is a nice alternative.

Let It Ride: Let It Ride is another poker-style game in which the goal is to make the best possible five card poker hand. What makes this game different than most is that you actually get a chance to take back wagers if you don’t like how your hand is panning out. You begin each round of Let It Ride with three equal wagers and may eventually take back up to two of those wagers at different points in the hand.

Three Card Poker: Three Card Poker is what I like to call an “action game.” You don’t have to read an instruction manual to get started. Just jump right in, try to get the best possible 3 card poker hand and win cash. Three Card Poker consists of two games in one, so there are plenty of opportunities to achieve payouts and pad the bankroll.

Casino War: Out of all the table games on this page, Casino War is the easiest to play. You place a wager and then you and the dealer each draw a card. The person with the highest card wins the bet. Don’t feel like racking your brain trying to figure out a bunch of rules and strategy? Casino War is the game for you.

Sic Bo: Sic Bo is a dice game that should be familiar to anyone with any experience in craps. In Sic Bo, your goal is to predict how three dice will come to rest after shaken and tossed on the table. You can place a variety of wagers on single numbers, pairs of numbers and groups of numbers in Sic Bo. There are lots of betting options, but the game is very easy to play.

How Casino Table Games Work

Casino table games are distinguished by their reliance on old fashioned physics rather than computer software and random number generators. When you play a table game, you already have some useful information at hand. That is, you know how many cards or dice are in play, you know all possible outcomes and can make decisions based on this knowledge.

For example, look at blackjack. You know every possible card and outcome in blackjack before you even play. The only thing you don’t know is the order in which cards will be revealed. This combination of known information and unknown variables leaves some randomness in the game, but you’re not left completely in the dark. You can’t completely overcome the house advantage with this information, but you can make decisions that improve your odds.

There are always exceptions, as is the case in Casino War. Casino War is pretty much all luck due to its rigid rules and lack of decision-making opportunities in the game. On the other hand, games like blackjack and Pai Gow Poker give you many decisions after the first bet. In most table games, you have at least a modicum of control over your own destiny.

It’s amazing how many unique games one can create with just a bunch of cards and a table. Log in to any casino site and you’ll find dozens of table games ranging from blackjack to Caribbean Stud to Let It Ride. There’s a lot of variety, but the goal in every game is to somehow achieve a combination of cards or make a prediction that results in a payout.

The fun in online table games comes from trying to find a way to make the greatest use of known information. You’re always trying to predict the outcome or form a powerful hand. Most table games tend to move at a relaxed pace and don’t expose you to too much house advantage. If you’re working with a limited bankroll and want to maximize the time spent gambling, table games are the ticket.

Table Games on the Internet

Above, I mention that table games rely on old-fashioned physics to provide randomness. That’s true in the real world, but it’s a bit inaccurate in regard to online table games. Virtual table games rely on random number generators (RNGs) to simulate the random effect produced by shuffling an actual deck of cards.

However, the same principles of randomness remain true. Even though the dealer doesn’t actually shuffle real cards online, an RNG achieves the same effect. You start with 52-card decks and then the RNG is used to “shuffle” the cards and give you a fair, random deal every time.

Live Dealer Games

Does the idea of RNGs turn you off or seem a little too contrived? That’s understandable and that’s why many casino sites are now hosting live dealer games over the internet. If you’re not quite sold on the idea of RNGs shuffling virtual decks of cards, you should consider trying your hand at a live dealer table game.

Live dealer games use live webcams combined with human dealers and real decks of cards to recreate the full live experience. Instead of just using an RNG to shuffle the cards, a live dealer actually shuffles real cards live before your eyes. You still place bets with your mouse and keyboard, but then you get to watch as a person on your screen shuffles and deals cards in the real world.

You can take a look at our live dealer guide to learn more about how it all works and find a few recommendations for casino sites that offer these types of games. The same basic rules remain in effect when you play live dealer games, but they give you the opportunity to interact and chat with real people on the other side of the screen. It’s a lot of fun and worth a look.