Indonesia Online Casinos

Indonesian casino sites are hard to find due to strict anti-gambling laws that prohibit anything that even resembles wagering. For the most part, these are casinos located in other parts of the world far beyond the reach of Indonesian authorities who would like nothing more than to shut those sites down and send their owners to jail.

If you are determined to gamble online in Indonesia, you do have options. However, we recommend you read the section below about local gambling laws so you can go in with a clear understanding of how the law may impact you.

Dafabet accepts customers from Indonesia and supports native IDR deposits. This means you can play in your native language, deposit in your native currency, and receive payouts in rupiahs.

Staying Safe at Indonesian Online Casinos

As a Muslim-majority nation, Indonesia has little tolerance for gambling in any form. We have so far been unable to find a single case of someone getting in trouble for playing online, but we do urge you to exercise extreme caution nonetheless. Most importantly, we recommend that you stick with well-known offshore companies that are headquartered in other nations.

You should avoid local, underground online casinos at all costs due to the risk of those operations being raided by authorities and your private information exposed. Police forces do occasionally bust underground gambling rings and prosecute everyone associated. This risk is mitigated to a degree when you do all business with foreign gambling sites that are beyond the reach of local police.

Also know that sometimes even major online gambling sites employ local agents for the purpose of signing up users, collecting bets and paying out winnings. In one recent case, a man working connected to was caught working on Indonesian territory and assisting local gamblers. He was charged with multiple crimes, although it is unclear if any of his clients were also caught up in the bust.

The best way to gamble in Indonesia is to do everything online and with offshore casinos. This includes signing up, making deposits, receiving payouts and playing. If at any time you are instructed to meet with a local agent, it would be best to find a different Indonesian online casino.

With all of that out of the way, we can offer some good news. Plenty of people do gamble online in Indonesia with no problems whatsoever. Local police forces focus their efforts on breaking up local underground gambling rings and going after those who run illegal casino sites. Individual customers of gambling websites have not been targeted to date, at least not that we know of. We offer no guarantees going forward, however, as the government has slowly tightened its grip over the internet in recent years through web censorship and surveillance capabilities.

Gambling Laws in Indonesia

The Indonesian Criminal Code prohibits all forms of gambling. This includes sports betting, casino games and any other instance in which people can risk money on outcomes of chance. The law also notes that even if a person can increase their chances by by more training or by greater dexterity, if the overall outcome is based on chance in general, it is still prohibited.

Article 303 of the Criminal Code states that a person who participates in illegal gambling or who offers gambling to others can be imprisoned for up to two years and eight months or be fined a maximum of six thousand rupiahs.

The Aceh province takes things a step further as the only province in Indonesia ruled according to sharia law. The exact laws governing the Aceh region are unclear, but we do frequently receive reports out of the area that involve people being publicly caned after gambling-related offenses. It seems unlikely that Aceh authorities monitor the internet for gambling, but they would most certainly take exception to online gambling if they found out via other means.

Internet censorship has also grown increasingly troublesome for Indonesian gamblers. The Information and Electronic Transactions Law granted the government the authority to block access to a wide range of websites that it views as “negative.” These include everything from adult content to content that disturbs the “public order” to online gambling.

You should also know that there are 10 laws and 7 executive regulations that allow the government and law enforcement to conduct electronic surveillance on citizens in certain instances. As Freedom House notes, the laws do not fully explain the scope of surveillance permitted. Given their track record for censoring the internet and possibly spying on users, we urge you to think long and hard before you gamble online.