MyCitadel Online Casinos

myCitadel is a defunct e-wallet service that once served as an easy deposit method for online gamblers. The company did a lot of business for US-based gamblers and poker players between 2004 and 2007, and that attracted the wrath of the United States Department of Justice.

In 2007, the DOJ seized more than $9 million from myCitadel accounts, starting the eventual downfall of myCitadel as a casino deposit option. The parent company of myCitadel (ESI Entertainment Systems, Inc.) eventually worked a deal with the Feds to pay a fine and stop doing business in the US.

myCitadel continued on as a non-US deposit method but the loss of its primary market was too much to bear. ESI closed myCitadel and focused its attention on other business activities. ESI now operates under the name Paramount Commerce.

Paramount Commerce is in a much stronger position today as a non-US online payments system. They still do business in online gambling, but only in regulated jurisdictions. Paramount operates several popular instant banking brands such as iDebit, Verified.ACH and Citadel Commerce.

myCitadel Alternatives

Inside the USA

The online gambling landscape has changed considerably since the closure of myCitadel. Players in the United States no longer have access to e-wallet deposit methods.

E-wallets probably won’t make a return to the US market until major changes in the law at the federal level. The government has shown time and again that it is capable and willing to identify e-wallets, prosecute them and confiscate their funds.

Instant deposit methods such as credit cards and cash transfers are still used today, but regulations make it a crime for US companies to knowingly facilitate transactions for unlicensed online casinos.

Outside the USA

Players who live outside the United States do have several alternative e-wallets that offer a service similar to what was once offered by myCitadel. The following e-wallets can all be used to make real money deposits to a wide range of online casinos:

Each of the above e-wallet services can be used by non-US players to hold funds online, make deposits to casino sites and receive withdrawals. These are all trusted companies that are in no danger of closing any time soon. They only operate in regulated jurisdictions and are responsible for processing millions of transactions around the world every day.