Online Slots with the Biggest Jackpots

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The biggest selling point of any slot machine is the potential to win a large payout for not a lot of risk. Although we’re well aware that the odds favour the casino over the long run, we can’t help but love them anyways. The idea of winning a life-changing amount of money with just one lucky spin of the reels is enticing to us all.

Every slot machine is capable of paying out serious amounts of money, but some games are much more promising than others in this regard. Out of all the different types of slots you’re bound to encounter at online casinos, progressive jackpot machines offer the biggest payouts of them all. Paying out a six or seven-figure jackpot is just another day at the office for a progressive slot.

Progressive games are capable of paying out such large sums of money because they grow over time. As you and other gamblers insert coins, the machine sets aside a portion of every wager for the ever-growing jackpot. These games are often linked across multiple casinos for even faster jackpot growth.

Next, we’ll be taking a look at some of the biggest jackpot slots online today. The numbers below are current at the time of this posting, but they are always changing. Even so, these numbers should prove useful as they give you an idea of the types of jackpots these games are capable of producing. Even if someone hits one of these jackpots before you have a chance to take your own shot, the odds are good it will have had enough time to build back up to a respectable amount by the time you read this post.

Jackpot Giant

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Current Jackpot: £2,990,381

Payout Rate: 94.22%

The aptly-named Jackpot Giant is a Playtech offering that always starts at a guaranteed EUR 100,000 and grows from there. It is still a fairly new game, but it is wildly popular already and the jackpots grow quickly. It is not uncommon to see this one top out in the range of £5 million.

You qualify for the top prize by placing the maximum allowed bet. Catch five wild symbols in the first payline and the jackpot is all yours. When you play the maximum amount, 2.98% of every spin goes toward the jackpot. If you don’t play the maximum amount, no money is set aside for the jackpot.

Iron Man 3

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Current Jackpot: £291,728

Payout Rate: 93.02%

The Iron Man 3 slot is a part of the popular Marvel collection of video slots. This one tends to be a fast grower because all Marvel games share the same progressive jackpot. Other titles that share this jackpot include the Incredible Hulk, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Wolverine, and more.

One thing that makes this a particularly attractive slot machine is that there are no minimum bet requirements like you see with most jackpot games. All you have to do to qualify is play any Marvel game. The jackpot game is triggered at random and then you are awarded one of four possible jackpots at random. If you’re lucky enough to trigger the Ultimate Power jackpot, you win the whole thing.

Available at: William Hill Casino

Beach Life

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Current Jackpot: £454,117

Payout Rate: 92.25% to 94.25%

Beach Life is a simple Playtech-inspired title that provides big jackpots and simple gameplay. You can activate this one by wagering the max and then hitting five wild symbols on the 20th payline. About 3% of every wager placed by all players goes directly to the jackpot prize pool. The popularity of Beach Life ensures a quickly growing jackpot that is always worth a look.

Available at: William Hill Casino

Funky Fruits

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Current Jackpot: £1,646,016

Payout Rate: 93.97%

Funky Fruits is a lighthearted video slot offered by numerous online casinos. With quirky graphics and hilarious sound effects, Funky Fruits is a truly unique game. Standard jackpots can reach as high as 5,000 times your original bet while the progressive jackpot often tops out at around £2 million before being won by a lucky player.

The progressive jackpot is triggered by hitting a combination of 8 to 25 cherry symbols. The exact amount you win varies based upon the size of your bet:

  • £1 bet: Wins 10% of the jackpot
  • £2 bet: Wins 20% of the jackpot
  • £5 bet: Wins 50% of the jackpot
  • £10 bet: Wins 100% of the progressive jackpot