Sic bo isn’t quite as well-known in the West as other casino games but it does have enough of a fan base that you’ll find it at most online casino sites. If you’ve had a hard time finding the game at your local casino, there are about a thousand gambling sites that would be happy to welcome you with open arms. The only thing you need to do is choose a sic bo site and sign up for an account.

My main focus today is to help you do exactly that. You’re not going to run out of options any time soon, but it is definitely a chore to figure out which really are the best sic bo sites and which just talk a big game.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I must once again mention that safety is always the number one thing to consider when looking for a place to play online. Software, deposit bonuses and all those other things are nice, but they are worthless if a casino does not guarantee the safety of your funds. Always do your research and make sure the site you’re considering has a positive reputation.

The sic bo sites that are listed above all meet the highest security standards. Not only do they possess positive reputations, but they also pay full odds on all sic bo wagers. The top sic bo sites on this page have been serving customers and paying winners for years. You won’t find a better or safer experience anywhere else.

Next, I’d like to list some of the most important questions you should ask when comparing sic bo casino sites. Once we get past the safety issue, you can start to narrow the focus onto the factors that are most important to you. Choosing the “best” of anything is always an exercise in subjectivity. What I consider to be the most important factors aren’t necessarily the most important factors to you.

  • Does the site accept players from your country? This applies especially to players in countries with strict gaming regulations. Not all sites accept players from all countries.
  • Is the casino licensed, regulated and audited? Operators with licenses have an incentive to play by the rules and follow the regulations in their host countries. Reputable licensing jurisdictions impose strict penalties on sites that don’t play by the rules and act as mediators when disputes arise between players and casinos. Audits performed by uninterested third parties investigate the casino’s software and processes to ensure the games are truly random and fair.
  • How’s the customer support look? A competent customer support team indicates two things. First, it shows the casino actually cares about its customers. Second, it tells you that the casino will indeed help if you have any problems or questions. Take a look at the support page on the website and note their contact methods and operating hours.

Sic Bo Software and Game Quality

There are a few questions that I like to ask when looking at a site’s software and game quality. The purpose here is to establish that the site is put together well and works with my computer. High quality games are just more fun to play with and instill confidence that the site is run by professionals.

  • Does the sic bo site have software compatible with my computer? This won’t be a problem for all you traditional PC users out there, but it is a very important question for those of you with Macs and Linux machines. If you’re running any setup other than the traditional Windows PC, you will need to ensure your gambling site has either a no-download instant play option or downloadable software designed for your operating system.
  • Can I play mobile sic bo on the go? If you’re reading this page from a smartphone or tablet, it may be worthwhile to see if your casino has mobile-friendly software.
  • At which stakes are the sic bo games offered? The vast majority of sic bo casino sites start with minimum wagers of $1.00 or your currency’s equivalent. The maximum wager varies by a wide range from casino to casino. Sometimes the max bet is as low as $25 or as high as $5,000. If you have a hankering to do a little high stakes gambling,make sure you choose a site that can handle your action.
  • How do the games look and function? It always makes for a better experience when the casino software looks nice and functions well. The main things to look for here are crisp graphics, responsive software and an overall sense of quality. If your casino site has an instant play option, you can always load that up for a sneak peek at the software.
  • Does the casino have a variety of other games available? Sic bo may be your main game, but variety is the spice of life. It’s worth taking a minute to see how many other games that casino has on offer. Between two otherwise equal casino sites, game variety serves as an effective tiebreaker.

Sic Bo Banking Methods

At some point, you’ll need to move some money from your bank account to your online casino account. The best sic bo sites employ a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods to help move your money to your betting account and then back out again when you’re done.

  • Does the casino accept the most common deposit methods? These would include the likes of credit and debit cards, cash transfers, electronic bank transfers and e-wallets. My preference has always been to deposit by credit card or e-wallet, so I always check with the casino first to make sure it has those options.
  • Are there fees for depositing and withdrawing? Certain deposit methods impose fees on customers, but your casino site shouldn’t charge pile it on with fees of its own. Withdrawals should also be processed free of charge. Payment processing can be expensive for operators, so if a site offers only one free withdrawal per month and then charges a fee on subsequent withdrawals, that’s good enough for me.
  • What do other customers have to say about their experiences? You can get a pretty good idea of how reliable a site is in paying winners by checking casino reviews and comments posted on other websites and forums. Do people seem happy overall? How quickly are cashouts received?
  • What are the deposit limits? Deposit limits apply mostly to players on the extreme ends of the spectrum. If you’re on a tight budget, check the minimum deposit amount. If you’d like to make a large deposit, send a note to customer support and tell them how much you intend to deposit. Odds are they’ll find something that works for you.

Sic Bo Bonuses

Casino bonuses get a little weird when you add sic bo to the mix so read this section carefully. Online casino sites are reluctant to extend bonus offers to sic bo players due to certain wagers in the game having such a low house advantage. Long story short, operators find it too expensive.

There are exceptions, but they are far and few between. Here are a few questions to ask when looking for a sic bo bonus.

  • Does the casino allow you to clear the bonus while playing sic bo? All casino bonuses must be “cleared” by placing real money wagers. Most gambling operators place restrictions on which games can be played to clear the bonus. Sic bo is often excluded.
  • What are the play through requirements? Play through requirements refer to the amount of money the casino wants you to wager before you can withdraw any of your bonus money or winnings earned from wagering the bonus. Clearing requirements range from 10 to 100 times the bonus amount.
  • Does the casino handicap your wagers? If the casino does allow you to clear the bonus with sic bo, do wagers placed at the sic bo table count 100% towards meeting the rollover requirements? Some casinos allow you to play sic bo towards you bonus but discount or handicap each wager to a percentage, such as 20%. What this means is that you’ll have to wager 5x as much (or whatever the math comes out to) to complete the same bonus. So, if the normal play through is 25x for slots but sic bo counts as 20%, you would actually need to wager 125x for your bonus.
  • What is the bonus amount?The bigger the bonus, the better. This goes for both the percentage match rate and the max bonus amount.
  • Does the casino offer other promotions? In addition to deposit bonuses, look for things like VIP programs, reload bonuses, cashback programs and deposit-method-specific bonuses. Promos make your money last longer and give you more chances to win.

No matter what you read here or elsewhere, I strongly urge you to read the terms and conditions of any promotion and the casino itself. Nothing is more annoying than taking the time to sign up, deposit and claim a bonus only to find out the terms preclude sic bo from being played to clear the bonus.

How to Play Real Money Sic Bo Online

Sic bo looks like a complicated mess from the outside but it’s actually a pretty straightforward game. It is played with three dice and your job as the player is to predict how those dice will land. You can place bets on specific numbers or any combination of numbers coming up when the dice are thrown.

You place your wagers using a board that displays all possible bets. Each bet comes with unique payout odds based on the likelihood of the dice returning that combination. Longshot wagers such as betting that the same number will appear on all three dice pay upwards of 150:1 on your original wager. Easier wagers such as betting that the dice will land on any total of 11 to 17 pay closer to even money.

Long story short, all you do is place your bet and hope the dice land on the winning combinations. Here’s a look at some of the most basic wagers.

  • Dice Face: Players may bet that any one of the six dice sides will show. If that number comes up on any of the dice the player wins even money and if two of the dice show the selected face the bet is paid off at 2 to 1. And if you are lucky enough for all three dice to show the same face, the bet is paid at 3 to 1.
  • Two Faces: This is a bet that a combination of two particular numbers will show up, and if player bets for example that a 1 and a 6 will appear and does the house will pay off at 5:1 on average.
  • Totals: The players at the table will be able to wager on all three dice. The player selects a specific total from 4 to 17, and since the combination of faces that can result in the selected total, the total varies and so does the payoff!
  • Small or Big: this wager is a bet that the total of the 3 dice will fall in a specific range. The bet on a small is that the total is between 4 and 10 and a bet on a big is all the dice totalling between 11 and 17. Do be aware that if a three of a kind comes up the house will take your wager. The odds of winning Small or Big are by far the best at the table.
  • Triple: here you have to bet that all the faces will come up with a specific number, the payoff is very big its 150:1. However, the chances are 215:1, so this is not a bet for beginners.
  • Any Triple: Your betting that all three faces will be the same and this pays out at 24:1 but the true odds are 35:1.
  • Any Pair: Betting that a pair of any certain number will come up pays a ratio of 8 to 1 however this is the bet with the absolute worst odds for the player.

Live Dealer Sic Bo

Imagine for a minute that you’d love to go play sic bo in the real world and interact with real people. Only problem is you’re feeling too lazy to fill up the car with gas and drive to the casino. Live dealer sic bo gives you the best of both worlds. Live streaming video and human dealers bring the real casino experience to your computer.

Visit a live dealer sic bo casino and you’ll play with a real human dealer who throws real dice in front of your very eyes. You place your bets with the mouse and then watch in real time as the dealer shakes the dice and counts out your winning bets. You can chat with the dealer and get the genuine casino experience without ever leaving that comfy computer chair.