BetOnline Casino Review

The management team behind BetOnline have been involved in sports betting since the early 1990s and moved to online gambling 2001. They took up the name BetOnline in 2007 and have been running strong under that name ever since. Although BetOnline is primarily known for its competitive sports betting odds, the website is also home to a full-fledged online casino complete with slots, table games, video poker and live dealer games.

BetOnline Casino

BetOnline Casino

BetOnline has been in business for many years now and is noted for having some of the fastest payouts among all sites that accept American customers. Video slots, 3D slots, table games, skill games and more are all available for real money play at BetOnline Casino.


  • Engaging 3D slots
  • Fast payouts
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • Large welcome bonuses


  • Suffered a live dealer scandal in 2017
  • Lacking huge progressive jackpots
  • Could use more game variety

Overall Rating

Trust Score

Game Selection


BetOnline Casino Info

BetOnline Casino is not the biggest casino on the internet, but it is one of the few reputable places that still accepts customers from the United States. For this reason alone, BetOnline has experienced significant success as one of the go-to places for online betting, casino games and poker.

The sportsbook and poker room are both popular in their own rights, but our BetOnline Casino review is all about the games. Today, we will discuss the site’s overall quality, the game selection, bonuses, software and reputation.

BetOnline Casino Bonus

BetOnline has two welcome bonuses for all new customers. One is a standard 100% welcome bonus applied to each of your first three deposits and the other is a risk-free bet worth $25 to try the live dealer games.

The 100% welcome bonus can be claimed up to three times on each of your first three deposits using the bonus codes displayed below. Each of these bonuses will match your deposit dollar for dollar on any amount you deposit between $25 and $1,000. This means that there is a total of $3,000 up for grabs across all three BetOnline bonuses.

While the match rate and amount of bonus money up for grabs is nice, the rollover is on the high side at 40x. This means you must place a total sum of wagers equal to 40 times the bonus + deposit before the deposit, bonus amount and any winnings may be withdrawn.

Bonus Codes

Use these bonus codes with each deposit to claim your welcome bonus.

  • First Deposit: Use code CASINO1
  • Second Deposit: Use code CASINO2
  • Third Deposit: Use code CASINO3

Click here to Claim Your Welcome Bonus Now at BetOnline

BetOnline Casino Games Review

The casino at BetOnline is powered by Betsoft software, which means a full variety of casino games and dozens of 3D slots. In addition to the standard casino games, BetOnline also hosts a live dealer casino which uses human dealers and streaming video to bring the real casino experience to you at home.

In total, there are more than 100 slots, three dozen table games, three dozen video poker variations, eight specialty / keno games, five skill games and about a dozen live dealer games. The selection here is diverse, but it’s not quite as large as I’ve grown accustomed to in an age where some casino sites are boasting 500+ games.

Slots at BetOnline

Slots are definitely one of BetOnline Casino’s strong points thanks to the efforts of Betsoft Gaming. The lineup includes a variety of traditional 5-reel machines and jackpot games, but the 3D slots by Betsoft are among the best slots in the business. Each 3D slot is in adventure of its own with some games having you dueling pirates on the high seas and others pitting you against the mafia as you try to claim suitcases of cash.

There is enough variety here to keep you busy for a long time, and Betsoft does a commendable job of releasing new titles on a regular basis. The graphics and animations are engaging and each slot tells a story. Of course, there is also a good chunk of money to be won here.

Some slots also feature progressive jackpots in the range of $20,000 or more. To date, I have been unable to find any huge, million-dollar-plus jackpot games, however. The one major point where BetOnline Casino could improve is in adding some bigger jackpot slots.

While the 3D slots are impressive, the 5-reel video slots are just average. The graphics are OK, but some of the games are beginning to look a little dated and show little inspiration as far as innovation and features. On a positive note, the games do move quickly and appear fairly loose as far as payouts go.


Table Games, Video Poker and Skill Games

As of our most recent count, BetOnline hosts a total of 41 table games of all different types. This includes the standard casino classics such as blackjack, baccarat and roulette along with multiple variations of the most popular games. For example, BetOnline blackjack comes in 19 different variations.

The graphics and overall sense of realism from the table games here is significantly above average, even when compared to some of the internet’s biggest international casino sites that are not open to Americans. It seems like most online casinos neglect their table games in favour of slots, but the table games here are noticeably better in terms of graphics and level of immersion.

BetOnline is even starting to offer some 3D table games provided by Betsoft. These games put you in the place of an actual player and you play from a first-person point of view rather than the standard overhead view used by most table games. This too adds to a sense of realism that you do not often get when playing online table games.

The video poker games at BetOnline are hardly even noteworthy. The variety is nice and the games move quickly, but there is nothing that stands out as unique or particularly engaging. The graphics are extremely dated and feature some of the most jarring color schemes on the internet.


Live Dealer Games

The live casino at BetOnline employs attractive dealers who deal the cards and pay out your bets in real time as you watch on live video to create the most realistic casino experience possible. A live chat option allows you to to interact with the dealer and other players to create a more social experience, and overall it serves as a nice change of pace.

Games on offer include European roulette, American roulette, baccarat, Super 6 and blackjack. On most days, you can find at least two different tables available for each game except blackjack, which normally offers six or more tables.

Table limits range from a low of $1 per round to as high as $5,000 per round, so there should be something for all budgets. Video quality is labeled as HD, but the games do not always look as crisp as they should. This may be a connection issue due to the live dealer studio being located in Costa Rica, but overall I think there could be some improvements on the overall presentation.

BetOnline suffered a live dealer blackjack scandal in early 2017 when a dealer was caught dealing cards in a highly suspicious manner. BetOnline reacted appropriately by immediately dropping their existing live dealer provider and switching to a company called Visionary iGaming. I am more than willing to give BetOnline a second chance due to their quick response, but you can read more about that ordeal under the “reputation” section later in this review to make up your own mind.


Skill Games

BetOnline Casino is one of the only websites on the internet that offers real money skill games that allow you to compete against other players without a house edge. Instead of playing against the house, you play against other players and try to win their money. BetOnline collects a small commission from each game, but it is possible in theory to win money regularly if you are more skilled than your opponents.

The full lineup of skill games includes dominoes, Yahtzee, Gin Rummy, Spades and Tonk. All of these games are available for both free, practice play as well as for real money. The graphics are sub-par compared to most modern games, but it is rare to even see skill games in the first place. The only problem is there is a significant lack of action. You will need to check the skill games lobby often to find other people to play against.

Software Review

My overall impression of the BetOnline software is positive with some caveats. Some individual games look absolutely stunning when it comes to graphics and styling while others look quite dated by modern standards. Much of it depends on which games you play. For example, the 3D slot games look fantastic while the video poker games could use a facelift ASAP.

You can play every game online at the BetOnline website without downloading anything. All you need is a connection to the internet and you can play all games within your browser. The website is also configured to detect if you’re visiting from a smartphone or tablet, so mobile compatibility is not an issue.

BetOnline Casino also has a full software download option if you would rather play without having to visit the website. The full software download isn’t even really a self-contained program like you would expect from downloading something. If you download the client to your computer and run it, BetOnline still opens in your browser. It’s basically just an advanced bookmark and seems unnecessary in my opinion.

Deposit Methods and Licensing Status

BetOnline accepts a surprisingly large number of deposit methods for a site that accepts Americans. Online casinos that do business in the United States usually have a tough time accepting payments, but BetOnline has done well in that regard.

This is also the only casino site that I have encountered to date that accepts Litecoin deposits in addition to Bitcoin. BetOnline gets an A+ rating in terms of deposit options. Here’s a full list of methods you may use to fund your account:

BitcoinVisaMasterCardAmerican Express
W.U. Money TransferM.G. Money TransferRIA Money TransferLitecoin
Wire TransferCashier’s CheckMoney Order

BetOnline is licensed by the government of Panama to offer real money gambling games online. However, Panama is notorious for extremely lax standards on licensees. For the most part, a gambling license from Panama merely indicates the site was willing to pay the fee – nothing more, nothing less.

Realistically, games that target the US market have few options for licensing. Major regulators such as the UK’s Gambling Commission refuse to offer licenses to casino sites that accept USA customers. A much better indicator of any single casino site’s safety and security is its reputation among real players.


BetOnline has enjoyed a mostly positive reputation over recent years thanks in part to fast payouts and competitive odds in the sportsbook. I check their sportsbook often for the latest odds on upcoming sporting events and BetOnline is often the most generous with its lines. These are all good things that speak well of the organization as a whole.

However, they did have an issue in early 2017 in which one of their live dealers was caught second-dealing during blackjack. What this means is the dealer was not dealing from the top of the deck, but was rather moving the top card of the way and dealing the second card down. It was all caught on video and looked extremely incriminating. Second-dealing is only used in cheating and in magic tricks.

(Look for the instances in which the dealer keeps his left hand on the deck and flicks his finger up and down over the top card. He does this several times before flipping the top card up and dealing the second card.)

This alone would have been enough to turn me off to BetOnline forever had I not looked deeper into the issue. BetOnline itself does not actually run the live dealer games – they contract out with third companies who specialize in live dealer games. These companies manage the dealers, run the video streams, set up the studio and everything else while BetOnline simply plugs in to deliver the experience to players.

BetOnline responded to the video several days later. They explained that they contracted out with Global Gaming Labs (GGL) to run their live dealer games and had seen the incriminating video. BetOnline immediately fired GGL and replaced them with Visionary iGaming to mange live dealer games from here on out.

This story checks out as you can easily research for yourself to see that Global Gaming Labs is used by multiple casino sites to provide live dealer games. The dealer in the incriminating video has been seen at other websites and indeed, you can go on YouTube and see the exact same table layout and background in use at other sites.

The fact that BetOnline responded quickly to the story and immediately replaced GGL with a different live dealer provider has helped to mitigate some of the damage done to BetOnline’s brand.

It would have been better had it never happened in the first place, but BetOnline seems to have handled it in the best way possible. This is good enough to satisfy me, but I understand not everyone else will feel the same way so it seems like a good idea to include this whole saga in our BetOnline review so you can make your own decision armed with all the facts.