What Could You Buy After Winning The Biggest Online Slots Jackpots?

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In 2011, a 20-year-old Norwegian student won the biggest online slots jackpot ever. At the time, it was the biggest win in the history of online gambling. His total haul? Just €11,736,368 after a few spins of the reels at the online casino.

That’s 11.7 million euros which translates to $12,786,186 or £8,803,690 by 2016 exchange rates. The record-setting jackpot came early on a Saturday morning in a way that most of us only dream of: by using free spins granted to him as part of a promotion.

An account of the winning spin was published on the Blog a couple days later. There, the student told the gaming website that he came home after watching a midnight movie and decided to log in to his account. He found a few free spins waiting in his account and decided to give them a whirl on Mega Fortune.

What Mega Fortune Looks Like in Action

(Note – Skip to about 1:00 to see what he saw en route to winning his record jackpot)

Not surprisingly, the winner told Betsson that he had just a wee bit of trouble sleeping after the big win:

“I could not sleep until 06:00 am due to shock! I woke up at 07:00 am again. It was impossible to go to sleep, and I’m shaking and sweating. I have not thought about what to do with profits. I need to calm down before thinking about what to do with the money!”

Being the classy gambling website that it is, actually provided the lucky winner with independent financial advice at no cost. Hopefully, he has managed his money well since then and lives a comfortable life now.

It goes against all financial advice to imagine all the crazy things you would buy with a big jackpot win but let’s be honest here – it’s fun to dream. Here’s a look at what you could buy if you were the lucky winner of an €11.7 million jackpot.

what you could buy with 11 million