Australian Online Casino Sites

Important update: Australia has clarified the legality of online gambling and unfortunately online casino sites that accept players from Australia are not allowed. Most of the page below relied on old information and will be updated soon to reflect the changing landscape of online gambling for Aussies.

We could never forget about our friends from Down Under, so we’ve created this list of the best Australian online casino sites with you guys in mind. Most online casino websites today accept players from Australia and provide their players with simple deposit methods that work around the world.

The good thing about having so many sites to choose from is that you don’t have to settle for mediocre casinos. Competition is fierce for Australian players, so casinos go to great lengths to make themselves attractive to Aussies. The bad thing about having so many casinos to choose from is that it can be a real chore to separate the good from the bad.

Here’s list of what we like to see from any casino site before it gets our recommendation:

  • Reputation for safe, fair games
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • No run-around when you want to cash out your winnings
  • Low house advantage casino games
  • Can process payments in Australian dollars (AUD)
  • Large jackpot slot machines

Finding the Best Australian Online Casino Sites

On this page we have a list of the top real money Australian online casino sites. We like these online casinos the best because they are safe, offer lots of games and make it easy to cash out your winnings. For the average casino fan, those three factors are the most important things to consider when choosing a gambling site.

The brands that we recommend are well known in the online gambling world and have proven track records of safety. Trust plays a role in all forms of gambling, but nowhere is it more apparent than on the internet. For that reason, we only recommend Australian casino operators that have already been in business for a number of years.

Game selection is another important factor to consider. Sure, we all have our favorite casino games, but it never hurts to have a wide selection. Not only does a big game variety keep it interesting, but it saves you the trouble of having to move your bankroll to a new casino just to try new games.

We also consider deposit methods an important thing to consider because Australian casinos with good deposit options make it much easier to get started and playing for real money. This also makes it faster for you to get your money back when you book a win.

In addition to this top list page, we also have full reviews of Australian casino sites. Each review serves as a solid introduction to the casino in question. You’ll learn a little about how each casino got started, what kind of games there are to choose from and how easy it is to move your money to and from your gaming account.

Depositing and Withdrawing

One of the primary concerns for real money players is the availability of working deposit methods. Fortunately, Australian casino players have a wide variety of deposit methods that are open to them. Getting started for real money at any major online casino site is both easy and fast.

The most popular deposit method is the trusty old credit card. Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club can all be used to make real money deposits at most online casinos. All you have to do is type in your information and hit the submit button. In most cases, your casino account will be credited instantly.

Another popular deposit method for Australian players is the e-wallet. There are several major e-wallet companies out there, but the basic idea is the same for them all. An e-wallet lets you set up an online account from which you can transfer money to various online casinos. A few of the most popular e-wallets include Neteller, Click2Pay and ClickandBuy.

Some Australian casino sites also offer other deposit options such as wire transfers and bank transfers. These deposit methods are easy to use because they send money straight from your bank to the online casino of your choice. Wire transfers are especially useful for casino players with large bankrolls.

Legality of Australian Casino Websites

Current Australian gaming laws are shaped by the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (full text here). The long story short of it is that the law prohibits the ownership of online casinos but it does not prohibit citizens from playing at online casinos. This is pretty much the same story as most other developed countries. As a result, the only online casinos that accept players from Australia are located offshore.

Although offshore casinos violate Australian law by accepting wagers from citizens, the government has so far shown little interest in cracking down on the industry. The situation is similar to what we see in Canada; the legality of what those casinos do is questionable but nobody seems too bent out of shape over it.

The good news is that individual players have nothing to worry about. The government isn’t going to come knocking on your door if you place a couple of roulette bets or play a few hands of blackjack. As long as you don’t go into business and try to open an online casino of your own, you’ll be good to go.

Some states and territories issue licenses to local bookmakers. Local sports betting sites offer an alternative to visiting overseas operators, but the options are limited. Sites licensed by state/territory governments are restricted from offering in-play betting on live events and may not host casino games or poker. Thus, most people opt to do business with reputable overseas providers.

Hopefully the Australian government one day sees the futility of trying to control the online casino market. We have found many great offshore Australian online casino sites, but people always feel the best when the casino headquarters are located somewhere nearby. In any case, you’ll have plenty of options for a long time to come.